Secure Phone Payments

PCI compliance is something to shout about, but your customers' card details aren't!

Secure Phone Payments

Concerns increase over security compromises and data breaches; therefore, your business must ensure immaculate customer data safety. All card payments over the phone need to be compliant with lawful standards while being secure and safe for each customer. Secure phone payments are a necessary solution in giving your business peace of mind; our solutions offer PCI Level 1 certification helping you maximise your security. 

What is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ensures that all card payments are processed securely to protect sensitive data and ultimately reduce fraud. Companies that accept, handle, store or transmit credit card details need to comply with the security standards, irrespective of their size or the volume of transactions processed.

How Does it Work?

Rather than reading out the card number and security code when making a payment over the phone, your customers have to enter the digits via the telephone keypad. Contact with the call centre agent is maintained throughout, but all tones are muted, so information remains shielded. Payment details are then forwarded straight to the merchant’s credit card processing platform in a secure format such as XML over HTTPS.

Our Solutions


Enterprise Level

(Minimum of 150 SIP channels)

Secure Phone Payments | FLR Telecoms | FLR Spectron

What are the Benefits and Features?

  • Achieve cost-effective, simple and rapid PCI compliance
  •  Protect against the risk of credit card fraud and cardholder data security breaches
  •  Safeguard company reputation and brand
  •  Improve the customer experience
  • PCI level 1 approved 
  •  PCI Compliant Call Recording
  •  The customer uses their telephone keypad to enter credit card details
  •  DTMF tones are not audible to the agent or any call recording equipment
  •  Integrates with payment gateway and CRM systems

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“FLR Telecoms opened our company to a new payment method which was secure, safe and swift. Thank you so much.”

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