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Terradace | Cloud IAAS Solutions


Terradace is a conglomerate of companies with vested interests in agriculture, supply chain solutions, and energy. FLR Spectron is proud to have collaborated with Terradace on this transformative project. Terradace has pioneered cutting-edge vertical farming solutions and forged international joint ventures aimed at fruit production.


Terradace had a series of IT issues that demanded urgent attention:

Outdated IT Infrastructure: Their existing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform was extremely outdated, resulting in sluggish performance due to ageing hardware.

Citrix Platform Issues: The Citrix platform they relied upon needed to be more suited to meet current business needs, leading to frequent outages and serious security concerns.

Inadequate Disaster Recovery: The disaster recovery (DR) solution needed to be improved, exposing crucial parts of the business to potential data centre outages.

Complex Database Needs: Terradace required expert database administrators to redesign their data warehouse and troubleshoot intricate application issues.

Networking Problems: Networking had been only partially implemented, creating a challenging environment for management and failover procedures.



FLR Spectron secured the project through a competitive bid and presented a holistic and forward-thinking solution to address Terradace’s multifaceted challenges:

Modernized Infrastructure: We meticulously installed and configured a state-of-the-art VMware vSphere private cloud infrastructure. It was underpinned by cutting-edge Dell hardware to deliver vastly improved performance and scalability.

Redundant Data Centres: To ensure unwavering reliability, all Terradace hardware found its home in Tier 3+ Data Centre’s located in Enfield and Farnborough. These centres boasted redundant connectivity elements throughout.

Enhanced Security: Prioritizing security, we employed a rigorous approach. We segmented server networks to fortify security and implemented BGP Internet nodes to enable seamless failover. Additional security measures included deploying Sentinel One EDR and KnowBe4 for comprehensive cybersecurity.

Robust Disaster Recovery: We engineered a resilient disaster recovery strategy by setting up server replication between data centres using the cutting-edge Zerto solution. Additionally, we fortified data security with Veeam-encrypted backups.

Citrix DaaS: FLR Spectron deployed Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS), providing a flexible and scalable Citrix server deployment model.

User Asset Management: We introduced Azure Hybrid AD and InTune to streamline user asset management and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Monitoring and Incident Management: To maintain a proactive stance towards IT health, we utilized N-Central for infrastructure monitoring and ConnectWise for comprehensive incident management.



Our partnership with Terradace is marked by close collaboration and meticulous attention to detail:

We leveraged advanced hardware and cloud infrastructure, ensuring both scalability and reliability.

Security remained paramount, underpinned by round-the-clock monitoring and user-focused cybersecurity training initiatives.

Incorporating modern technology, including Dell servers and Citrix DaaS, led to vastly improved system performance and user experience.

Power BI reporting empowers agile and informed decision-making through real-time data insights.

The solution solidified operational resilience, enabling Terradace to concentrate on growth and innovation.



The FLR Spectron solution yielded profound and far-reaching effects across Terradace’s operations:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: IT-related disruptions became a rarity, and resource access efficiency soared, bolstering overall productivity.

Data Management and Security: Our expertise streamlined data handling processes and enhanced data security, instilling trust with clients and partners reliant on data integrity.

Technological Modernization: Modern technology, including Dell servers and Citrix DaaS, translated to heightened system reliability and reduced downtime, delivering a seamless user experience.

Strategic Advantage: Our solution provided a strategic advantage beyond mere infrastructure improvements. Real-time data insights facilitated agile responses to market shifts. Tier 3 data centre protection fortified operational resilience. The technological advancement, data-driven insights, and robust security measures empowered Terradace to focus on growth and innovation, confident that their IT concerns were expertly managed.



“FLR Spectron has been nothing short of a game-changer for us. Our previous MSP left us struggling with outdated IT systems and lacklustre support… They’ve not only modernised our IT landscape but also elevated our confidence in our IT infrastructure and data analytics capabilities… We couldn’t be more satisfied with the transformation they’ve delivered.”

Hamesh Luthra, Business Systems & IT Manager

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