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SIM Only

FLR Mobile also offer SIM-only packages, offering exclusive short-term contracts for those who need a less commitment plan than the standard 2/4years. Like all of our plans, these fantastic plans are fully bespoke to your business’s needs, meaning you only get what you need. We can also modify your plan; if you need more from your tariff, without the extra charges.

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Working Abroad?

Going to work abroad sometimes entails taking on new business and working remotely from your mobile devices. We can supply all your package needs offering the very best deals all available on monthly rolling plans. Meaning you only pay for the time you use, whether you roam for one month or twelve. We can almost guarantee you’ll continue to get great signal worldwide, wherever you get based.

Only need Data?

We offer data-only deals, exclusively bespoke, which give you the freedom to plan around your specific needs – allowing you access to the internet wherever you are. These plans are available on short or long term based contracts, available to work with any compatible or unlocked device to the network service provider. FLR Mobile can offer fantastic deals at a more than reasonable price, often producing better than our competitors.

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Interested in SIM only?

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