2025 Big Switch off

Did you know the UK’s telephone network is changing?

In 2025, the old analogue and ISDN lines we’ve had for decades will be switched off by BT Openreach. By then, all consumers and businesses will need to have upgraded to IP telephony, which is internet-based phone lines (VOIP).

But that’s not the only reason to move to All IP. There are many benefits to using IP Telephony, including the ability to work from any location you choose while using your usual business number. In addition, traditional ADSL internet services work over analogue lines, so these must be upgraded to full Fibre internet circuits.

Although the shutdown is in 2025, many BT Exchanges have already started closing down (referred to as “Stop Sell” by Openreach) and will continue to do so on a month-by-month basis. Our 1-Voice portfolio of IP Telephony solutions will fit your business well; with our Fibre internet range of connectivity, FLR Spectron will guide you through your IP journey.

What are the benefits of moving to All IP?

The world is your office

With All IP, you don’t connect to a physical exchange. Instead, your calls are handled in the cloud. That means you can take your business line with you wherever you go. You can even make and take calls on mobile phones or laptops.


Value for money

The move to All IP can be great for your bottom line. Not only are internet phone calls usually cheaper, but you don’t have to pay for any extra physical lines to add a new user. As long as you have an internet connection with reasonable bandwidth, you can add new lines without high cost.

Keep working no matter what

You don’t put all your eggs in one basket with All IP. If the power goes down in your office or you can’t access your premises, you can still call from elsewhere. Anywhere that has an internet connection, in fact. No matter the circumstances, you can keep your business running.


New lines made easy

Adding extra phone lines and users is much easier when they’re digital. You don’t need to connect physical lines, so your new numbers can be added almost instantly. If you’re connecting an internet desk phone, setting it up can be as simple as plugging it in.


5 good reasons not to delay!

Simplify your life
There’s no need for separate lines for your internet and your phones. With All IP, everything can go through one internet connection. Not only does that include phones, but also your computers and any smart devices you might have.
Interconnected solutions
When phone calls are carried over the internet, they can easily be integrated into other systems. That’s led to what’s known as ‘unified communications’, where you can have a single platform for calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing and more.
Change is inevitable
Of course, one of the biggest reasons to switch to All IP is because you have to. By the time the old analogue network is switched off, you’ll need to upgrade your phone line to continue making and taking calls.
Avoid the rush
While some people are incredibly organised and like to get important tasks done as soon as possible, many of us leave things until the last minute. By one estimate, around 20% of adults tend to procrastinate.
Spread out your upgrade
Moving to All IP is fast and easy, but that doesn’t mean you must do it all at once across your entire business. You could upgrade particular users or certain premises first and then do more later.

Talk to our telecoms experts about the 2025 Big Switch Off

Talk to our telecoms experts about the 2025 Big Switch Off


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